Access dependable and fairly priced installers to supplement your existing team whenever you need them.

Steady Install helps keep projects moving forward at lower costs with professional, motivated, skilled, on-demand workers. 

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Steady Install provides any business in the commercial furniture installation industry with a centralized system that allows them to directly and more efficiently source surplus installers at lower rates than they pay now—all on one easy-to-use platform.

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Source Installers

Available and qualified installers will pick up your project requests and arrive ready to work!


A specialized platform that provides a cost-effective, simple, and reliable solution.


An expanded workforce and an easier way to stay flexible when you need more installers.


Vetted workers that you can trust based on verified ratings.


 Steady Install was made to remove costs from the installation process. We pay our installers more and charge you less!

Access quality, dependable, and affordable installers when you need them most.

Questions? Contact us at or call 602-492-8048.

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